Virtual Care Transformation Model




We’d like to understand where your benefits team stands in terms of how virtual healthcare services and programs fit into your benefits strategy.

Please use the 1 to 5 scale below, to indicate where your organization is along the continuum.

This quiz is intended to provide a snapshot of your company’s virtual care maturity. Your score is based on a scale of 1-5 and derived by assessing responses across five dimensions:
  1. Program Offering
  2. Plan Design
  3. Member Experience
  4. Performance Measurement and Evaluation
  5. Organization and Governance

In the following questions, you may be asked to use a sliding scale like the one below. Please move the marker from the “parked” position to indicate your response.

While none of the options may exactly fit your organization, please select the scale position that best indicates where your company fits. You may pick any number from 1 through 5.