Would you like to achieve a virtual-first approach to healthcare?
Are your healthcare benefits addressing the whole-person needs of your population?
Do you want to improve healthcare affordability and access to care?
Do you want to leverage virtual care to transform the quality of care for your employees?

Virtual Care

Transformation Scorecard

Get your organization’s virtual care strategy from where it is today to where you want it to be. Based on Teladoc Health’s Virtual Care Transformation Model, this scorecard helps identify where your organization is in the virtual care journey. Take just 2 minutes now to see how you score.

Virtual care has the opportunity to reinvent care delivery with the goal of improved healthcare access, outcomes and affordability. Organizations today acknowledge the value of whole-person virtual care and see it as a key element of their long-term vision. In fact, according to our Virtual Care Transformation Survey of Employers–65% expect to offer a comprehensive virtual-first health plan as a medical benefits option to all employees within the next 3 years. See how your organization scores now.

Dimensions of virtual care transformation

Your score is based on a scale of 1 to 5 and derived by assessing responses across five dimensions:


Identifies how an organization's leadership and governance drive support and implementation of virtual care services


Assesses how well an organization supports a virtual-first approach that reduces healthcare costs for the organization and for plan members

Program Offering

Measures the breadth of virtual care services offered across the care continuum to enable whole-person care

Member Experience

Assesses how well virtual care services are promoted, integrated and able to drive engagement and utilization

Performance Measurement

Measures the degree to which virtual care is delivering value and driving changes in overall healthcare utilization